Fizzics Waytap

This has to be one of my favourite products of the year, and it is not even a tech product. Or at least not in the scope of tech products covered on GadgetSyrup.

Over the past few years, I have taken a significant interest in beer. Specifically, craft beer. For years I bounced around from brew to brew trying to find one that was sufficient. Then, after being introduced to craft beer when my wife gave me a mix of different craft brews as a birthday gift, I was instantly hooked and was officially a beer snob. I can’t even bring myself to drink a beer made by one of the big brewer conglomerates such as Labatt’s, Molson or Anheuser-Busch. Simply put, their beer is just bad.

Ok, rant over on how most beer is bad, and how craft beer is excellent. Let’s move onto the Fizzics Waytap.

I stumbled upon the Waytap recently and was intrigued by the concept. What’s better than craft beer? Craft beer on tap, that’s what.

What is the Fizzics Waytap?

It is an easy way to turn almost any can or bottle of beer into a draft beer. The intent of this product is to unlock your beers maximum taste potential.

Why would you want this?


Beer was never intended to be bottled or canned, placed into warehouses and shipped around the world. It was meant to be poured from a freshly tapped keg. 

However, that is the reality we live in, and this fact means that the beer we consume does not live up to its full taste potential. 

This is where the Waytap from Fizzics comes in. More below the break!

How does it work?

After loading your favourite brew into the Waytap, press down on the tap to pour your beer. The Waytap pours your beer under pressure, so it keeps the proper level of carbonation. Then, before the pour is complete, pressing the handle backward routes the beer through the Waytaps “sonic oscillator” providing the beer with a full body texture that you usually only see at the pub.

The Waytap was available on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and managed to crush their funding goal but almost 2000%. You can place a pre-order now with delivery sometime in the month of December. 

The Waytap would make the perfect gift for any beer-lover in your life.

Learn more about the Waytap here.



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