Syrup Drop: Tell Google to Stop Listening to You

Welcome to “Syrup Drop”. The first in a series of posts that will feature a quick and useful tech related tip that you may find helpful. I’m not going to stick to any sort of rigid schedule with these posts, but rather drop them in here and there as I come across a tip or trick I feel is worth sharing.

First up, telling your Google Assistant to stop listening.

Motorola One Action Now Available in Canada and USA

It is been a wild ride for Motorola in 2019 releasing nearly a dozen phones with at least one or two more hopefully coming soon.

The Motorola One Action has been available for a while now, but is finally available in Canada and US.

Motorola G7 Review: Mid-Range Greatness

Motorola is not what it once was, king of the mobile world with devices like the Startac 3000, the Razr, the Rokr (ok, maybe not the Rokr), and the “Droid” or “Milestone “for us Canadian folk! The smartphone maker is now one of the last former phone giant to actually still be operating on their…

BlitzWolf BW-ANC1 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones Review

I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of Bluetooth headphones that would work well with my business casual attire while at work. Most of the common neck bud style designs just simply didn’t work for me. Nothing I had tried worked with a collared or button up shirt.

I had more or less given up, until I was offered a chance to test out the BlitzWolf ANC1s and their unique design. Check out my review!

Pocket Casts from Shifty Jelly Comes To Windows Store

If you listen to a lot of podcasts, you have probably used, or have heard of, Pocket Casts from Aussie developer Shifty Jelly. 

If that is your go to app, there is some great news! Pocket Casts is now in the Windows Store as a Progressive Web App.!

Check it out!

Top Phones for the Holidays 2017

Looking for a phone this holiday season? Looking for the best in class? Check out my list of the top phones heading into the holidays.