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GadgetSyrup is a tech blog…

After years of toying with the idea of starting my own site I finally decided in 2016 to quit procrastinating and dive into the world of running a blog. I had not idea what I was doing, and no idea if I was going to any sucess at all.

However, after setting up the site, changing the name a dozen or so time, I finally landed on GadgetSyrup. After creating the site I realized, that there was little to be gained by just being another tech site. I had to find an angle that would make the site worth both my time, and your time as the reader. I decided to make the focus of products I reviewed to be centered around how the product or service would or has actually impacted my day-to-day life. Sure, there are many posts you will read that are formatted like a typically press release or announcement, but that is part of the game. I try to infuse the actual product reviews with that day-to-day tie in that I mentioned. I’m not saying other tech sites are boring. In fact I draw a lot of insiration from some of the traditional ones like The Verge, or Endgadget, but they often lack the personal touch of why this gadget or that gadget actually matters to the writer. Some of the bigger insiprations I draw from when writing about, and discussing tech in real life, are people like Paul Thurrott, Michael Fisher and Phil Nickinson. These three, among others will tell their readers or viewers how it really is, and why they care about what they are reviewing.

Anyways, enough of the back story, thanks for coming along for the ride and visiting GadgetSyrup. While you’re here, check out the content or shoot me an email to say hello!


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