Anker Launching Iceless Cooler with 42 Hour Run Time on Kickstarter

It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited for a new gadget.

If you read my 2023 Camping and Travel Tech Essentials post, I made reference to a camping trip where we foolishly thought running our iceless 12V cooler off our SUVs battery overnight was a good idea and wouldn’t drain the battery completely; you will understand why I am excited about this new product from Anker.

An iceless cooler capable of keeping food chilled for up to 42 hours is being launched by Anker, a company best known for its solar panels and portable power stations and one of my favourite companies.


The cooler, aptly named the Anker EverFrost, is set to be released in March, although pricing and exact launch date are yet to be revealed. Anker is trying to build hype for the product by seeding details everyday through the first week of March.


The EverFrost features a detachable battery with 299 watt-hours, which is rechargeable via solar panels and eliminates the need for ice. It comes in three sizes, ranging from 33L to 53L, with the smallest size capable of holding 38 cans and the largest size able to hold 62. I’m not sure if extra batteries will be available at the time of launch, but having a second battery and an option for solar charging would be an excellent feature for this device.

The cooler has a suitcase design with durable wheels, making it easy to transport, and its handle doubles as a makeshift table.

As with any new piece of tech being launched, the cooler is app controlled through an Anker smartphone app.

The Kickstarter campaign for the EverFrost will launch on March 23, but in the meantime you can register as a “Super Early Bird” on Anker’s EverFrost landing page to gain access to exclusive savings of up to 45% off.

I’ve already signed up and will be anxiously awaiting the Kickstarter campaign launch! No more dead car batteries for me!


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