Happy Plugs Air 1 Wireless Headphones Review

You should probably just get the Air Pods.

When I first opened the Happy Plugs Air 1 Wireless Headphones, my first impression was that they were close in look and feel to Apple’s ubiquitous Air Pods. However, my experience was far from what you experienced when setting up and using Air Pods. 


What’s In The Box

It was a box of Q-Tips…

The unboxing experience of the Happy Plugs Air 1 was utilitarian, which is expected from lower-priced wireless headphones. 

Inside the box were. 

  • Happy Plus Air 1 Ear Buds
  • Charging Case 
  • Silicon Ear Sleeves 
  • Micro USB Cable 
  • Multilingual Manual

Happy Plugs promises 14 hrs of playback time with the Air 1s

What I Liked – Pros 

Comfort & Fit 

When I first tried to use the Air 1 earbuds, the fit in my ear was awful. Anything more than sitting perfectly still led to one or both buds falling from my ear. Then I tried the silicon ear sleeves, and the fit in the ear was far better. Time will tell if natural oils from my skin will lead to the earbuds falling out again. Overall, the fit is solid, and they are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time as long as you use the ear sleeves.


Control, Control, You Must Have Control 

Like many other wireless headphones, the Air 1s offer touch controls built into each earbud, but one thing that stood out was the number of controls available. 

There are 14 different touch controls, including Play/Pause, Volume Up/Down, Previous/Next Track, and Google Assistant/Siri launch.  Sadly my use of them was short-lived. Read on to see why!

Sound Quality 

The Air 1 sound quality exceeded what I expected, given the price point of $49.99. The music was punchy, and there were no issues with overly thin sounds. They were a tad on the bassy side, but I would rather that over the alternative of flat, thin audio. 

Spoken audio from podcasts and audiobooks was handled well, and the few phone calls I made with them were great. However, as is the case with all lower-end wireless earbuds, they only have 2 microphones, so in some instances, callers on the other end had issues hearing me. 


What I Did Not Like – Cons 


Both buds worked great when I first charged and connected the Happy Plug. However, since that first use, the left earbud will power on but cannot connect to any device I try to pair it with.  I have tried the reset function a dozen times and have had no luck. 50% of the touch functions are unavailable without the use of the left earbud, including the Google Assistant/Siri activation.


There are two types of people in the world; those who like Air Pods and those who do not. While I do not mind wearing earbuds using the Air Pod, or Q-tip design, they look odd. I much prefer the more bean style, like those of the Samsung Galaxy Buds or the Jabra series. The Happy Plugs, using the Air Pod approach, have an added layer of design I do not like. The silver trim at the bottom of the earbud just looks tacky. The Air Pods have it, see below, but it is more subtle and does not look as cheap.

Air Pod 2 (left) | Air 1 (Right)

I will give the case some props, though. I like how easy it is to open, and pulling the ear bud out is quite easy too. I am also reviewing the Anker Soundcore Life P2 TWS earbuds right now. The orientation used for the case makes it particularly challenging to pull out the buds without having to perform hand gymnastics to get them ready for your ear. 


Should You Buy The Happy Plugs Air 1

In a word, no. Yes, at about $50, depending on where you find the Air 1s, they cost a fraction of what the Air Pods do and look almost the same. However, the overall form, function, and quality leave me doubting that you would get more than a few months out of these. If cost is a factor, there are dozens of other brands out there that make a reliable product. They may not look this close to the Air Pods, but something like the aforementioned Soundcore Life P2s from Anker is a far better option and cost considerably less.

You should probably just buy the Air Pods…


Overall, I gave the Happy Plugs Air 1s a 2.5 out of 5. They got some things right, but overall they missed the mark for me.

Let me know what you think about the Happy Plugs, Air Pods or other true wireless headphones in the comments!

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Nami Junsan says:

    I have Apple Airpods and I have this but this one lasts longer for the day. I love the quality compared to its price.


  2. Sam Nile says:

    These was my first wireless headphones and they stayed with me for 2 years. I’m not very techy so I’m satisfied with the quality and the price point is more affordable than other brands. I’m excited to upgrade to newer models!


  3. Rosie Beau says:

    I have the same model from Happy Plugs and I personally like it. I’ve been using it for a year. I feel comfortable with the earbuds that I sometimes forget they are on my ears.


  4. Don Griffith says:

    Got a pair as a Xmas gift, after a while the silicone sleeves stretch and either fall off or stay in your ear. Tried to buy online, not in stock on their site or any where else.


  5. univesaunggul says:

    Informasi ini bermanfaat



  6. Randy C Baer says:

    Barry, I haven’t tried the Air 1’s, but I have the less expensive Go product. Using an EQ program on my old Fire Phone, I’ve had excellent results. The battery life on the Go is shorter than on other Happy Plug phones, but a few hours usage is plenty for me at any given time. I really don’t need the phones to stick directly into my ear like the ANC model. I also have nothing else to compare with these. But, I’d be willing to step up to a higher model based on the very natural sound, especially for Classical and Jazz.


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