My Favourite Apps: ß-Maniac

Favourite app time! And this time it isn’t a Microsoft App!!

This new app is very, very niche. But given the focus of GadgetSyrup, I am sure anyone who sees this post will appreciate it.

What is ß-Maniac?

ß-Maniac, pronounced Beta Manic is an Android app that scans the apps installed on your phone to see if there is a beta program available via the Google Play Store.
If you are like me and love to be on the bleeding edge of what’s next for your favourite apps, this app, despite its relative simplicity, is worth checking out.

How Does ß-Maniac Work?

ß-Maniac, as mentioned, is pretty bare-bones. After launching the app, users are presented with their entire list of apps. Apps that do not have a beta channel available show no checkmark. A blue checkmark indicates apps that have a beta stream available but are currently not active on your device. A green checkmark indicates apps that are currently enrolled in a beta stream. Finally, apps that are registered in a closed or private beta stream are indicated with a grey checkmark.

Outside being able to pick and choose which beta programs you would like to participate in Beta Maniac will also send push notifications to your device when an installed app opens the doors to a new or previously closed beta for their app. For me, this is key. I like to be involved in as many beta programs as possible. However, in a lot of cases, a popular app will open up a beta to the public, but by the time I find out, the beta is full, and no new users can participate. Having Beta Maniac installed has really helped with this.

Gone are the days of searching the web for an apk for a beta version of an app while hoping you don’t get burned with a malware-laden application

Where Can You Download Beta Maniac?

Well, only one place, really. The Google Play Store. If you would like to download and dive deep into the world of Android beta apps, hit the button below!


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