Syrup Drop: Make Your In-Screen Fingerprint Reader More Accurate

Welcome back to Syrup Drop. A series of posts that will feature a quick and useful tech related tip that you may find helpful.

It is still relatively early days in the transition from fingerprint readers that are on the back of a phone to the front of the phone, embedded in the screen. As is normally the case with new technologies, like an in-screen fingerprint reader, there are often hiccups and The functionally can be unreliable and frustrating to use.

Recently I discovered a little trick or hack to improve the in-screen reader on my Motorola Z4. Check it out down below!

Moto Z4 In-Screen Fingerprint Reader (image: Android Central)


When setting up your fingerprint, you’re required to place your finger over the reader a series of times to allow for various angles of your fingerprint to be scanned and stored. However, the 6 or so times you scan your finger often isn’t enough for these newer in-screen reader. Especially in mid-range devices like the Z4.

The fix? It’s quite simple actually. Scan the same finger multiple times as a new finger. Each time you can a new finger the reader will store more and more angles of you thumb print, ensuring for a more accurate scan when it’s time to unlock your phone.

Scan the same finger multiple times as a new finger.

I have set up my thumb 5 times on the Moto Z4. After completing this little hack, I went from being frustrated and resorting to pin unlock to unlocking my phone within a second or two!


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