Syrup Drop: Use the Windows 10 Virtual Track-Pad

Welcome back to Syrup Drop. A series of posts that will feature a quick and useful tech related tip that you may find helpful.

When I am using my Surface Pro I often find many websites or apps that I am frequently using are far from touch-friendly. I could go grab my mouse, yes, but there should be a better way. Until recently I would frustratingly poke around at a given site or app only to end up in a place I have no intention of getting to. Well, it turns out there has been a better way for quite some time. I simply have just not known about it until now.

Windows 10 has a built in virtual track-pad, just like the one on your laptops keyboard.


To enable this useful tool right-click anywhere on the taskbar and select “Show touchpad button“.

After you click that the virtual trackpad will show up on the screen. You are able to move it to anywhere on the screen as well, to keep it out of the way while you work.


The virtual trackpad can also be enabled via Windows 10 settings as seen above.

Another use or the onscreen trackpad would be to control something like a PowerPoint presentation when using a tablet.


That’s it! It may be a niche feature, but something I have found incredibly helpful.

Thanks for checking out the latest Syrup Drop! If you have any helpful tips and tricks feel free to share by visiting this link: Contact GadgetSyrup


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