Motorola Smartphone Deals for Back to School

Hard to believe that the summer break from school is over in a week. For me, summer flew by with the kids being in and out of various day camps and a trip to Prince Edward Island (check out @gadgetsyrup and @barryweston on Instagram to see some of the pics I took on that trip with the Moto Z4 and its 48MP camera). Throughout the summer I have been toting around various Motorola phones and Moto Mods. Always a good time and as always, highly recommended!

With said summer break ending, Motorola is taking the opportunity to roll out some back to school discounts on its range of “beloved smartphones“.

Moto G7

Check out the deals!

It’s odd to see that the Moto Z4 is missing from this list but, last years Moto Z3 Play and G6 are present. Both are still great phones though if you are limited on a budget!

Students can also register as a student to receive and additional 15% off their purchase by registering with UNiDAYS. More info on that program can be found HERE.

Don’t forget to check out my reviews of some of the aforementioned Motorola phones below.

Motorola G7 Review: Mid-Range Greatness

Moto G6 Review: The Best Mid-Range Phone You Can Buy (2018)

Motorola Z3 Play Review: Third Times a Charm?

Reviews of the Moto G7 Power and the Moto Z4 are in the works and coming soon!


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