New Motorola One Action Is Like Having a GoPro In Your Smartphone

Image: Screenshot via Motorola YouTube

Motorola has finally unveiled the rumoured Motorola One Action and it is shaping up to be a pretty exciting looking device.

Full disclaimer here, I am a huge Motorola fan, and not in the ‘I had a Razr before Razrs were cool (I did though…just saying). My first device was a Motorola, and I have owned at least 15-20 different Moto phones over the years. Some of my favourites being the Razr, Milestone, Moto X and the list goes on. Currently, I have been spending my days with the Moto Z4, which is the 4th generation of heavily-criticized modular phone device that allows you to add functionally to your phone by way of snap-on devices like a projector, printer or speaker to the back of the device, to name a few. I will have a Z4 review coming out in the coming weeks, stay tuned for that!

Ok, back to the One Action!

The phone is being dubbed as the “Action Cam” on Motorola Bazil’s website, where Moto is touting this as the first smartphone to have this feature

The phone’s specs are ok, but nothing that blows me away on paper, such as the Samsung Exynos 9609 CPU, 4GB of RAM and a 12:9 display with a resolution of 2520 x 1080. The cameras are where Motorola is hoping it has created something special.

The 16 MP “Action Cam” doubles as an Ultra-Wide angle camera that may use “pixel binning” which will, in theory, provide a greater dynamic range to shots. Beyond the “Action Cam” you will also find a 12 MP primary camera and 5 MP depth sensor to enable portrait shots. The One Action also sports a 12 MP selfie-shooter around front.

The Motorola One Action went up for sale on August 16th in parts of Europe, Mexico and Brazil for the equivalent of about $380 CAD. Motorola did say though that phone will arrive in Canada and U.S. early in October of 2019, pricing remains unknown at this time.

The price and the dated mid-range specs have me wondering if this phone will be what Motorola hopes it to be, but, being the rose-coloured glasses-wearing Moto fan that I am, I am hoping the phone surprises me when I get my hands on it.


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