It’s Been a Minute…

It’s been a while! For numerous reasons, none of which I will bore you with, GadgetSyrup went offline for a period. Its future was unknown and for the longest time, it appeared as though my hopes of bringing it back to life were looking slim.

However, after much thought and internal deliberation, It was apparent that missed writting and creating content for GadgetSyrup too much to let it stay offline. So, after a lot of work to clean up the site, move it to a new home, and revive various accounts GadgetSyrup is back and I’ve never been more excited to share my content with you. The content will be much of the same prior to the hiatus taken over the past several months, but I hope to expand on what I did in the past. I do no know exactly what that will look like yet, but as those thoughts develop more, I will be sure to share them on GadgetSyrup’s various social channels, as well as the site.


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