Motorola Moto G6 Play Now Available on Rogers and Fido (Canada)

Over the summer I had the pleasure of working with Motorola to review the Moto G6 and the G6 Play edition.

 Moto G6 on the left, G6 Play on the right
Moto G6 on the left, G6 Play on the right

Both phones are on relatively equal playing ground aside from a few differences in camera and battery. I really enjoyed using both phones, but the G6 Play was a joy to use for one reason; the battery. The 4,000 mAh battery paired with the 400-series Snapdragon CPU, this phone is a workhorse! If you need a phone that can do everything at an acceptable level, but needs to get your through a few days without a charge, the G6 Play needs to be on your short list.

Now, customers using the Rogers Wireless or Fido networks here in Canada can purchase the G6 Play edition.

Moto G6 Play Specs:

 Top: G6, Bottom: G6 Play
Top: G6, Bottom: G6 Play

As you can see from the specs, this phone is not a top-notch device spec wise, but having such a large battery paired with a low-resolution, but still quality, display the G6 Play is an endurance champion compared to most device.

If you are looking for a phone that is primarily for email, SMS, web browsing but still has the ability to watch videos or disappear down an Instagram-sized rabbit hole when needed picking the G6 Play is a no-brainer.

The G6 Play can be also be purchased from Bell Canada, Bell MTS, SaskTel, Virgin Mobile, Freedom and Videotron.

Over on Rogers and Fido, the G6 Play can be purchased in Deep Indigo starting at $0.


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