Meet Changer: “The Swiss Army Knife of Headphones”

 Meet “Changer” from 49101 Meet “Changer” from 49101

I am on a never ending quest to find the best headphones for a decent price. Call me cheap, call me frugal, but I refuse to spend hundreds of dollars on a set of headphones. I believe that for there are headphones out there, that for a fair price, will satisfy my needs just as much as something like the Beats X, or Bose Quite-Comfort 35 IIs. Each and every time I try a different set I find something I like, something I don’t and some features that I feel rather indifferent about.

Then I came across the “Changer” from a company out of China called “49101”. I will be honest, I have never heard of this company before and do not know what they are all about. However, I will say that they have a very interesting product on their hands here.

“Changer’s magical ability to share power even lets you steal a friends charge if you need!”

— Helena Wei, Marketing Directorof 49101


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What is the Changer Headphone?

The Changer is marketed as a Swiss-Army knife of headphones and while it lacks the requisite toothpick, mini-saw and bottle-opener, it comes pretty darn close to that Swiss-Army knife.

The headphones, at a glance look like nearly every other neck-band style of Bluetooth headphones on the market, but disguised inside are a few tricks that make this product special.

The Changer headphones open on one side to reveal your standard USB Type-A connection to charge the headphones. The other side is where things get a little wild. Here you will find a multi-functional connection that can power devices using either micro-USB, Lightning or USB Type-C. Essentially, what the device is doing he is using its internal battery to provide power to another device, like a phone. This is pretty handy if you find yourself on the go and get the dreaded “low-battery” alert.

Another trick that 49101 has given the Changer is the ability to reverse the power supply of yor smartphone to draw a charge into your headphones. Say your headphones are low on power, but you need to power-up on the go to listen to some music or a podcast. No problem. Connect to your phone, or even better, someone elses phone, and steal some juice to keep you listening. Or as 49101 puts it, have someone else “donate” their battery power to you.

“With Changer, we are not only providing a premium audio experience but also solving peoples battery charging problems. ”

— Helena Wei, Marketing Directorof 49101

Changer Specs

  • 13 mm drivers with 20Hz-40KHz frequency response

  • Aluminium and Silicon design

  • 35 cm cable length with integrated volume controls

  • 1 set of foam ear tips and 2 sets of silicon ear tips

  • Support for 2A fast charging

  • Multiple connections built into the device

    • USB Type-C

    • micro USB

    • Lightning

    • USB Type-A

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • IP5X water resistance


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So, where can you get Changer?

Starting today (Nov 19th) Changer is available for pre-order on and will start shipping to backers in “Q1 2019”

Early bird pricing starts at $89 USD. if you want to learn more about this interesting headphones head over to their launch site below!

If the opportunity presents itself, I will be sure to test these out and out through through a review. As of right now I am skeptical on how useful they will be, but I will be honest, I am rather intrigued by the Charger headphones. Stay tuned for more!


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