Motorola Continues To “Push Boundaries” Announcing The Moto G6 and E5

The focus of the Moto G and E series of phones was to address a gap in the smartphone market that saw incredibly powerful high-end phones at the top and incredibly low-powered and low-quality phones on the bottom of the market.

Moto wanted to fill the gap in the middle with well built, well-performing smartphones that were reasonably priced. The mission they set out on seemed a bit far-fetched given the recent misses the company had prior to the launch of their mid-rangers.

Enter the Moto G and, well, the rest, they say, is history. As we now know, the Moto G quickly became the best selling smartphone in Motorola history. Year over year Moto has refreshed this lineup, as well as the lower-end E line, and despite not outselling the original, the G and E series impress users and reviews alike with each iteration.


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Now Moto has announced and released the latest members of the G and E series with the launch of the moto g6 and e5. There are actually several flavors of each the g and g line. They are as follows:

  • moto g6: starting at $249 MSRP

  • moto g6 play: starting at $199 MSRP

  • moto e5 plus: pricing dependant on carrier

  • moto e5 play: pricing dependant on carrier

  • moto g6 plus and moto e5 also released, but not to North America

All devices will be launching with Android™ 8.0, Oreo™ and are packed with different versions of Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors.

I won’t cover off the specs of each phone, as reviews of select G6 and E5 devices will be coming shortly but will share a few highlights I am looking forward too with some of these phones.


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Play All Day

The “Play” version of the G6 comes with a huge 4000mAh battery that powers the Snapdragon™ 427 processor. That battery and SoC combo are going to be capable of some incredible endurance. According to Motorola, you can expect to get up to 36 hrs of on a single charge. Obviously, your mileage will vary based on your use, but leaving the house for the day sans charger and battery pack will not be a problem. Don’t expect to be gaming on this type of device, however. The Snapdragon™ 427 isn’t going to be capable of much here.

What makes this device even more compelling, battery life aside is its price. The moto g6 play will set you back only $199 USD. Learn more about the moto g6 play HERE.

Not available in North America, the moto e5 should be an excellent consideration for those in Europe Asia. The e5 battery pack dwarfs that of the g6, coming in at 5000 mAh. Not mention it has a 6″ display as well, so multimedia use with this phone should be a strong selling point.

Camera Improvements, Hopefully

Moto phones do so much right, the software additions provided through various “moto actions” such as a twisting your wrist to opening the camera, a double-chop for the flashlight and moto voice functions allowing you to program any hot-word you like to access Google Assitant (I use “Okay Friday”, because I am giant nerd) making their devices some of the most compelling devices on the market. However, the biggest reason they are overlooked by most power users and tech-types is the less than wonderful camera experience. 

With the moto g6 and g6 plus (not play) come packing dual camera setups and software that hopes to get these devices noticed on store shelves. Having a dual-lens setup will allow for features like selective focus to be implemented. A niche, but handy feature to have when the situation suits.

I should also mention, the moto g6 is priced incredibly well, like those before it, and starts at only $249 USD.


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What do you think of Motorola’s latest offerings? Have you ever owned a g or e series phone? 

You can learn more about all upcoming moto g6 and e5 series phones on the Motorola Blog. Check them out! 


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