Anki Cozmo Carrying Case Review

For the last year, Anki has been pushing new and exciting features to Cozmo and his application. With each update his abilities and level of interaction increases. This is great to see such cadence on this front and the latest update has made the experience much more enjoyable, but what if you want to take Cozmo on the road to show off his abilities to friends and family?

My solution until now was a small cardboard box just big enough to tuck in Cozmo, his Power Cubes, charging base and USB wall adapter. A functional, but not an aesthetically pleasing solution.

That’s about to change now with the release of the Official Cozmo Carrying Case.


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 Build Quality and Design

As with all Anki products, the quality of this product is exceptionally high. The exterior, made from a highly durable material comes with the Cozmo logo and his trademark skeptical eyes.

Inside you will find custom moldings for your Cozmo robot, 3 Power Cubes, charging cradle and small round cutout for a charger or extra treads. I would have liked to have seen a custom cutout for the Anki USB wall charger that ships with the original Cozmo robot though. It does fit inside the circle cutout, but it is less than ideal.

There is also a small zippered compartment in the lid of the case which you could store additional items in. I have been using this to carry around portable battery packs in this compartment. Since Cozmo has to be in his charging station to wake up, I usually elect to use a battery pack to power it rather than a wall plug. It provides for greater flexibility and less cords running across the floor when using Cozmo in a different location.


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Overall Thoughts

Compared to how Cozmo was getting around before the carrying case is a major upgrade. The round cutout for a wall charger or treads would have been better suited as a cutout for the Anki wall charger. However, the inclusion of the zipper pouch in the lid more than compensates for that. The overall quality of the materials used, as mentioned, is of a very good quality and should be able to stand up to the wear and tear of constant use.

The Cozmo Carrying Case from Anki can be purchased in Canada exclusively from Best Buy for $44.99.

In the USA, various different retailers such as Amazon offer the carrying case. Head over to for more info.

Have you picked up a Cozmo yet? If so, will you be purchasing the carrying case as well?


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