OnePlus 5 Wish List

The rumor train is getting up to speed regarding the OnePlus 5 which is slotted for a Q2/Q3 2017 release. With that in mind, why not spin up a wish list of things that must be a part of the next “Flagship Killer”?

1. Top tier “Image Signal Processing.” Megapixels are great, dual cameras are great, shutter and focus speed is excellent. Do you know what is better? The OnePlus 3 had a great camera on paper, but its performance was more in line with its price point. The OnePlus 3T had the same camera but is a step up thanks to the Snapdragon 821. Quality ISP leads to better noise reduction and sharper images. Put the work in here, and OnePlus could see some amazing results in a place where they have lagged year to year when compared to other phones.

2. Don’t change a thing with Oxygen OS! I cannot stress this enough. Oxygen OS is the cleanest, fastest and more user-friendly skin on an Android device since Google debuted the Google Experience Launcher a number of years back. With each update to Oxygen OS, which is usually pushed to the public ever other month add subtle, yet very useful tweaks and features for users. I would love to see OnePlus continue to iterate on this already excellent Android distro.

Oh, and keep the beta train rolling. Target OnePlus customers are made up of users who love to tinker and stay on the bleeding edge. Having a solid beta track or two with excellent communication surrounding it makes for a fun experience.

3. DASH Charging – Don’t change a thing here either. Keep DASH charge as-is. Qualcomm quick charge is great, but DASH charge is better. It is that simple. How can you make DASH charge better? A DASH-compatible portable battery pack would be great. If you’re reading this OnePlus – make it happen!

4. More Battery! Don’ be afraid the add a little more thickness to get the battery closer to 3,500 mAh mark or higher. The camera bump is not something anyone is a fan of. What are we fans of? Better, longer battery life.

5. Stop with the gimmicks. Granted, we are in a much better place than we were with the OnePlus  One, Two and X. But the fake supply shortages or the hype around “immediate dispatch” of your order are getting old. I understand that supply chain management is not easy for “smaller” companies and that it is important to keep your customers interested in what you’re doing next. But pushing this too hard runs the risk of alienating your current customers and possibly scaring off prospective customers.

All in all, I think the OnePlus 5 will be a spectacular device at a price that undercuts the big players like Samsung, LG, and Google. Yes, the price of the OnePlus 5 will be the highest for any OnePlus device yet, but with the specs that they will likely be offering and the quality of the hardware build, I’m sure it will be worth over cent.

What do you think? Does this wish list match yours? What’s missing? 


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  1. That’s incredible, thank you so much for sharing.


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