Upgrade Your Tent with Skycamp from iKamper

What is Skycamp?

The Skycamp, from iKamper, is a unique take on the prototypical tent. Rather than dealing with a mess of poles, pegs and bags way to small for repacking the Skycamp is a collapsable room that mounts to the roof rack of most vehicles.

It is not just a tent on your roof either. Every Skycamp comes equipped with a kingsize bed which lies on the hard plastic floor (no more tree roots!)

Why do you want this?

Judging by the video above, the Skycamp is incredibly easy to set up. According to the iKamper, it should take less than one minute. For me, this is a major selling feature. Our current tent is a behemoth, requires its rolling suitcase and takes a very long time to setup and tear down.

The Skycamp, by nature of its design, is always off the ground. Keeping you dry from water seeping in from the bottom seems, while also keeping you up and away from unwanted four-legged visitors.

The biggest reason I would buy the Skycamp is the freedom it offers. With this, you can camp anywhere, at any time. It makes road tripping far easier than having to lug, setup, and tear down a tent. Can’t find a campground while on a long road trip? No problem, find a rest area or service center and you’re set.

Where can you buy it?

Pre-orders are currently available at iKamper.com for $2500, which is $900 off the price the Skycamp will eventually retail at.

You can also purchase via Kickstarter as well for another 15 days.

Overall, the cost of the Skycamp will be prohibitive to most, but if you’re thinking of something like a popup trailer or a very easy to use camping solution I think the Skycamp is worth considering.


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