Super Mario Run Launches Tomorrow, March 23rd, on Android

I wrote on Mario Day (March 10th – MAR10) that the perfect time for Nintendo to spring Super Mario Run on Android users was that day. 

As we all know, that day came and went with no Super Mario Run. About a week later Nintendo, broke the silence on Super Mario Run and its long-awaited arrival on Android, announcing that March 23rd will finally be the day.

So what is Super Mario Run?

Well, we all know who Super Mario is so that I won’t explain that, but for those who are in the dark about what the game is, which launched on iOS in December 2015, let me explain.

Super Mario Run is a side-scrolling, auto-runner game much like several other popular Android and iOS games. The difference here is Mario. This is (was) Nintendo’s first non-Nintendo platform game that features Mario. There have been other Nintendo games on Android such as Mitomo, but this is the first time we’ve been able to enjoy Mario on another system.

The gameplay is fairly easy as Mario is always on the move. The way the player taps the screen affects how Mario jumps through each level. 

The game itself is free to download and players are able to work their way through 3 levels before you are hit with a $9.99 USD one time purchase to unlock the whole game.

This price of $10 may seem excessive, however, once a play beats the game you can go back trough, trying to improve on your previous score at each level.

Are you ready for Super Mario Run? Or is the Demo + Purchase format Nintendo has opted to pass on Mario?

You can pre-register for Super Mario Run now on the Google Play Store.


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