**Update** Happy Mario Day! Will Super Mario Run For Android Launch Today?

Update: Nintendo has made March 23rd the official release date for Super Mario Run.  

 Are you excited or is it too late? 

Happy Mario Day!

Today is March 10th, which is also Mario Day, you know, because MAR10.

We all had hoped that today would be the big day for us Android users. The day where Super Mario Run finally made its wa over to Android, so we could join all our iOS user friends in playing the game that we have waited so long for.

Well as of 11:00 am EST there is still no Super Mario Run in the Google Play Store. At the time of this post, the first banner ad on the Play Store is still telling us that Mario will arrive soon.

 Is today the day, Mario?
Is today the day, Mario?

There is still a chance that Mario will make his long-awaited debut for Android today, but knowing Nintendo, we will be left waiting.

I hope that by then end of the day I have updated this article and my wallet will be $10 lighter. Fingers crossed!

At the very least you can have another look at the Play Store screenshots.


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