Kickstarter Spotlight: Webcam Privacy Cover from Intelligent Security

“Protect yourself from hackers, without looking like a hack.”

There have been many documented cases of high profile personalities ranging from Mark Zuckerberg to FBI Director James Comey to the Pope covering the camera on their devices as a form of privacy. Some may say this is techno-panic, but it is becoming more and more important each day that we take measures to protect ourselves online from attacks that lead to significant privacy breaches.

There was also an episode of BBC’s Black Mirror, titled “Shut Up and Dance“, that showed how a hacker could manipulate you into providing unattended access to your device’s camera. 

The reality is that it can happen to anyone and everyone should take measures to protect themselves. One solution is to put a piece of black tape or a sticker on your computer or phone’s camera. The problem with this solution is it looks like a hack-job because it is. That is where the Intelligent Security Camera Cover (IS/CC) comes into play. 

Found on Kickstarter , the IS/CC from “Intelligent Security provides you with the privacy you want, while also looking like a premium add-on to your device rather than a hasty piece of black tape.

The IS/CC is made of two parts. A small metal ring that goes around your device’s camera, which is held in place by an adhesive. The second part of the IS/CC is a small magnetic disc that sticks to the metal ring. To us the IS/CC, you can simply slide the magnetic disc from side to side to hide or reveal the camera.


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The IS/CC is compatible with a wide variety of devices but will work best on a laptop screen due to its flat design. Any camera, on a smartphone, for example, that is not completely flush with the device’s body will not allow for the adhesive ring to remain in place.

The IS/CC does a good job of not looking like a hack thanks to the metal finish. I don’t think the techno-panic aspect shown in parts of the above video are needed to sell a product like this. It stands on its own. If you are concerned about your privacy, or your tin-foil hat isn’t enough anymore, you may be interested in this tiny, yet practical device may be exactly what you’re looking for.

The IS/CC can be backed on Kickstarter for as little as $11 USD.

What do you think? Useful or techno-panic with a premium look?

Source: Kickstarter via Gear Hungry


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