Review: Anker SoundCore Sport Waterproof Speaker

Taking a bit of a detour from headphones and headsets, I’ve decided to try out the Anker SoundCore Sport mini Bluetooth wireless speaker. I don’t spend a lot of time listening to audio through actual speakers. My working environment lends better to the use of headphones. However, there are times, such as at the beach, out by the pool or having a backyard BBQ where I may want to play some music. If you’re going to invest in a speaker for this type of use, you don’t want just any cheap speaker; you want one that is going to be able to withstand the elements. 

Well, I think I have found the perfect speaker to foot the bill here.

The Anker SoundCore Sport is an extension to the ever-growing line of Anker audio products. It is extremely affordable and contained in a tiny package. Read on below the break for the full review and final verdict.

 Brad, we do this every time...
Brad, we do this every time…


SoundCore Sport Speaker
Manual + warranty info (18 months)
Charging Cable (Micro USB)
Silicon wrist strap


Weight: 227 grams
Dimensions: 8.5×8.5×4.5 cm
IPX7 rated for resistance to water, snow, dust, and sand
3W driver and subwoofer delivering Hi-Fi sound quality
33-foot range
10hr playback
Built-in microphone, for taking calls from your connected device


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Despite the exceptionally small size of the SoundCore Sport, I was very satisfied with the quality feel of the speaker. This premium build is the case for most Anker products, however.

The plastic housing of the speaker feels very durable, as do the speaker grills on both the front and back. As mentioned, the Sport is IPX7 rated, but it is not designed to withstand extreme physical abuse. Based on my experience, the Sport should have no problem surviving small falls, but its plastic construction could be prone to breaking if dropped from too high.

The buttons on the Anker are typical of other waterproof speakers with a nearly flat design that is sealed off to stop water from entering between the button and the external chassis.


I was blown away by how much pop this speaker had. Compared to my older, but much larger JBL speaker, the Anker was much louder, clearer and has so much more base.

Listening to a variety of different podcasts, audio books, and music the Anker could be heard clear across any room in the house, even when competing with other noises.

Controlling the functions of the speaker via the volume, power and call answer buttons was rather difficult. The buttons are so flush and being sealed, that pressing them is almost impossible to do unless you make a conscious effort to ensure you press the button correctly.


For the price, and the pop provided by the speaker; you should buy this. This is worth every penny. A small gripe with the buttons is easy to get past since you can control most functions of the speaker from your paired phone or computer.

Christmas is close, but if you order soon, this would be a great stocking stuffer!


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