Geeky Gadget Gift Guide

Trying to find the perfect gifts for the geeks in your life? Check out these recommendations from GadgetSyrup!


Cozmo, the real-life robot from Anki

By now you’ve probably heard of Cozmo, the adorable life-like robot inspired by Pixar’s WALL-E character. This holiday season Cozmo is only available in the United States, but would make a great gift for the geek on your list. He is an AI powered palm-sized robot that will roam around your desk, table or the whole room. While he is out and about Cozmo will play games and interact with those he encounters. He is sure to be a hit with anyone of any age. 

Check out my piece on Cozmo from earlier this year. “Anki Cozmo: Our Future Tiny Robot Overlord”.

Check out Cozmo over at He can be purchased for $179.99 USD

Star Wars BB-8 with Force Band

Right on the heels of Cozmo is last years robot toy of choice, BB-8. However, this years version of our new favourite Star Wars droid comes with something really cool. The “Force Band”.

The Force Band, from Sphero, allows you to control your BB-8 App Enabled Droid using hand gestures. You can also use the Force Band to discover and collect digital “Holocrons” around you.

The BB-8 with Force Band can be picked up from Sphero for $199.99 USD. If your geek is lucky enough to already own a BB-8 droid, the Force Band can be purchased on its own for $79.99 USD.

In Canada, you can pick up BB-8 with Force Band for $249.99 CAD or $99.99 CAD for the Force Band only from Best Buy.

Get BB-8 SE with Force Band

Gen Force Band Only

Tile Bluetooth Tracker

The Tile is a Bluetooth enabled “tag” that you can clip to your key ring, laptop bag, put in your wallet, or any other essential item. 

Using the Tile App, you will be able to sound the alarm on your lost item so you can stop searching and get out the door. 

Another really interesting use for the Tile that I have seen in other reviews and posts, is attaching it to your dog or child. I’m not sure if I’d make use of my Tile this way, but hey, you never know.

The Tile comes in two size and will cost you anywhere from $25 USD for the smaller Tile Mate to $30 USD for the Tile Slim. You can also purchase multi and combo packs if your geek has a tendency to lose track of more than just their keys.

Check out my review of the Tile from earlier this year.

Get the Tile Mate

Get the Tile Slim

Anki Overdrive

If you thought that Cozmo was a really cool geek gift, I’m sure you will find Overdrive to be just as awesome.

Also made by Anki, Overdrive is a lot like the Hot Wheel tracks you may have had as a kid, except this track uses a special coating that is scanned by semi-autonomous Supercars and Supertrucks that race around the track trying to blast the competition off the track. 

Read more about Overdrive here!

The Overdrive Starter Kit costs $149.99 USD or $199.99 CAD

Additional cars, trucks and accessories start at around $15 up to $80.

Get the Overdrive Starter Kit (Canada)

Get the Overdrive Starter Kit (USA)

Ring Video Doorbell

The Ring Video Doorbell is one my favourite products I’ve discovered this year. 

Ring, as the name indicates is a video enabled doorbell. It installs in place of your existing doorbell, or can be ran off of a rechargeable battery if your home does not have doorbell wiring. 

When someone rings your doorbell, the Ring app on your phone will activate the video feed from the camera while also enabling two way communication between you and your visitor.

Why does this matter? Why not get up and answer to door? Well, it is actually quite simple. Say you’re not home and someone comes to the door with a package? You can let the driver know to leave it on the step, or leave it with a neighbour. Another benefit from the Ring and the two way communication it offers is break in deterrence. It is well known that most break ins actually happen during the day while you are away at work. The burglar will come to the door, see if you’re home and then proceed to go around back and break in. With the Ring, you will 1) see the would be burglar, 2) tell him your unable to come to the door, giving the allusion that you are home and 3) should he break in anyways or come back another time, you have video evidence for the police.

The Ring would make an excellent gift for your geek to help them protect their home along with all their geeky goodies.

The Ring starts at $199 USD.

Get the Ring Video Doorbell

R2-D2 Coffee Press

 The coffee is strong with this one...
The coffee is strong with this one…

Every geek needs coffee to function. It is a well known fact. It is also a well known fact that every geek loves Star Wars. 

So why not put the two together in the form of an RD-D2 coffee press? Head over to and check this out. 

There really isn’t much to say about it. StarWars + Coffee = Happy Geeks

Get the R2-D2 Coffee Press

Google Chromecast

Starting at $45 the Chromecast is quickly becoming a must have for all, not just geeks. 

What does it do?

The Chromecast is a media streaming device that you connect directly to the HDMI port on your TV. From there, using either the Cast app, or the cast function from directly in a supported app, you can display your movies, shows, games or pictures from your phone or tablet to your TV screen. No wires needed!

With cord cutting no longer being a fringe topic and is now a reality for many.

Get the Chromecast from Google


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