Super Mario Run is Launching on December 15th

Back in September, at a recent Apple event, Nintendo announced that they would be launching a new Super Mario game for iOS devices later this year. Well, that time is nearly here.

Super Mario Run will launch on December 15th for iOS devices only. You can download and try the game for free, but there will be a one-time in-game purchase of $9.99 USD to unlock the full Super Mario Run experience.

The game will offer three different game modes, which can all be tried within the free version.

Along with this announcement, Nintendo has also launched a gameplay trailer that should help to get you excited for the launch.

I’m not sure about you, but I am very excited for the release of this game. The game looks like a good mix of old-school Mario and new-school Nintendo.

As mentioned, the game will only be on iOS for now. There is no official statement from Nintendo for an Android release. However, after the Apple event in September Nintendo did say that Super Mario Run will come to Android at some point. So hang tight! If you’re running a Windows Mobile device, hang in there!. Never mind, you know the drill by now.

Nintendo is primed to pull in some hefty profits between the launch of Super Mario Run and the NES Classic Edition this holiday season.

What do you think about Super Mario Run? Does it bring back your childhood nostalgia for these games or has the Mario franchise ran its course and needs to fade into the sunset finally?


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