Picbot – A motorized and automated mount for your Smartphone

If you are looking to up your smartphone photography or video game, check out the “Picbot.”

What is the Picbot?

Picbot is an automated, motorized mount for your smartphone that enables you to take 180 or 360-degree panorama photos/video and stunning time-lapse shots, among many other things. What makes the Picbot more appealing is that it has face tracking abilities as well, which will allow it to monitor one or more people simultaneously allowing you to get more creative with your video productions.

You can also override the automation by taking control yourself via a Bluetooth connection, should you wish to go manual.

Picbot is controlled via a very intuitive and useful app allowing you to control all aspects of the Picbot including built-in editing for photo and video.

The Picbot will come in black, white and rose gold (pink) and can be easily mounted to any standard tripod. 

As of October 31st the Picbot was fully funded on Kickstarter and no longer available for backing/purchase. You learn more about the Picbot over at http://mypicbot.com/.



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