WipeBook: The “last notebook that you [will] ever buy”

I am always in search of something to either increase my productivity or reduce waste in my day to day.

Recently I discovered the Wipebook. At first glance the Wipebook looks like any other spiral bound notebook. However, it is much more than that.

Wipebook states that their product may be the “last notebook that you ever buy.” Why, you ask…

The Wipebook brings together the benefits of;

  • a pencil, being a non-permanent way of taking notes, but not always easy to completley erase.
  • a pen, offering a better writing experience than a pencil
  • a notebook, since it is portable and can move with you form place to place.
  • a whiteboard, giving you a great non-permanent way of jotting down ideas, but is usually stuck to a wall in a meeting room.

It is a rather simple, yet completely practical and useful idea.

The Wipebook, and new improved Wipebook Pro can be used with semi-permanent markers such as the Staedtler Lumocolor Correctable dry erase markers. Wipebook offers them for $3.99. You can also use them with whiteboard makers as well.

Based on content found on Wipebook’s site, the semi-permanent maker route is a better way to go. Once applied, the notes tend to not smear or rub off unless you are actually attacking them with an eraser. Going the whiteboard maker route, you will find that your notes wipe off with little to no effort with your fingers or hand.

That is not say the the dry erase whiteboard markers don’t offer their benefits. Let’s say your in a brainstorming during a small meeting, you want to get the benefits of the whiteboard, but would rather confine yourself to the Wipebook. Since the dry erase comes off with ease, you can quickly change or iterate on your ideas as you go.

The Wipebook really offers the best of both worlds.

There is a small caveat, but really nothing you should be concerned with. It is a reusable product, but since you are using a semi-permanent marker, leaving the ink on the paper for too long can lead to some difficulty when removing the ink.

Here is a short video from Wipebook’s YouTube channel displaying the effects of leaving the ink on for extended periods.

In Canada, the Wipebook, Wipebook Pro and recommended accessories here and at Staples.

What do you think about the Wipebook? Something you could adopt? If not, what do you use for note taking when you’re PC is not an option?


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