Review: AUKEY EP-B13 Sport Bluetooth Headphone

I have been trying out a lot of Bluetooth headphones of late, not because I have a need (lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack) but rather a simple desire to have less wires in use, no matter the situation.

I have tried other around the neck styles before from various other contract manufacturers but never had a good experience. The main reason being that I wear eyeglasses. Each set I have tried either wouldn’t sit nicely because of the arms of my glasses, or would fit, but cause my glasses to sit uncomfortably. 

This design from Aukey is far from perfect, but it I think I finally found a pair I can actually wear with comfort for more than a few minutes.

The packaging that most of these budget headphones come in is nothing flashy, but again, this is expected since they are “budget” headphones. Nor does it really matter, since you’re going to toss the box either in a drawer or in the recycle bin.

What’s in the Box?

Inside the box you’re greeted with the following:

  • Headphones – surprise!
  • Large and Small replacement ear tips
  • USB A to Micro B cable
  • Product Manual
  • Warranty registration card

*Note: according the Aukey, there is supposed to be a carrying case as well. My package was sans case.

Build Quality

Overall, I found the quality to be good, but not great. The casing and materials used are plastic, as is the case with more Bluetooth headphones in this price point. I never felt as though they were too fragile, but wouldn’t be comfortable putting into my bag without some care and consideration for what may end up on top of them.

The buttons were tactile and easy to find and press for call answer/power, as was the case with the volume controls, found on the top and bottom of the right ear piece respectively.

The hook style design was fairly comfortable to wear for extended periods, however the tops of the hooks did sit considerably higher over the tops of my ears than I would have liked.

Sound Quality

The Aukey EP-B13 headphones provide a pretty excellent quality sound output for the price. By no means am I an audiophile, but I can tell the difference between good and bad at the very least. 

They sport Bluetooth 4.1 with AD2P, providing for a quality stereo sound experience. Compared to other headphones I have reviewed and used, the bass level was also respectable and never did I experience a “tinny” effect with music playback or spoken audio.

Other Thoughts & Experiences

Aukey rates the range of these headphones at 33ft or 10 meters, which is pretty standard based on the Bluetooth spec. I will say that I was unable to achieve this range in most cases, despite a clear line of site.

Battery life is rated at 4.5hrs of “use time” and standby was 175hrs. Both of these appear to be pretty accurate.

Connection to your phone is the same with the Aukey as with most other Bluetooth headphones as well. Press and hold the power/call button from a power off state until the pairing beep is heard. You should then see the pairing available on your device.

Overall I have been very impressed with the Aukey EP-B13 Bluetooth headphones. They have a comfortable fit and well executed design. 

If you are in the market for a versatile pair of Bluetooth headphones that won’t break the bank, I would seriously consider these in your search.


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  1. this is the right for workout time and running time also i usually my treadmill and feel very engrynic


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