Serial Fidgeters Rejoice!

Are you a constant fidgeter? Do you find it nearly impossible to sit through those extremely engaging meetings in a stuffy boardroom? Does waiting in line for your morning coffee cause your eye to twitch?

If any of the above were answered yes, or in my case, all of the above answered yes, then this may just be exactly what you need.

The Fidget Cube provides you with six different options for fidgeting. Its small size allows you to fidget discreetly, no matter where you are

I found the fidget cube on Kickstarter where the makers of this fun little cube were seeking only $15,000. As of today they currently have $3,617,754 with 34 days to go in their campaign.

The Fidget Cube, as mentioned, has six sides. Each side can do the following:

  • Click
  • Glide
  • Flip
  • Breathe (an oval shape groove to rub your finger on)
  • Roll
  • Spin

At the very least take a few minutes and watch the Kickstarter video. It is sure to give you a laugh, whether you are a fidgeter or not.

As mentioned the Fidget Cube is available on Kickstarter. The early bird for $14 is already gone, but $19 will get you a Cube, saving you approximately $6 off the MSRP.

The Fidget Cube should be available to backers in December of this year.


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