“Tile” goes “Slim”

In June I picked up the “Tile” a small BlueTooth enable tracking device that you pair with your smart phone to keep track of things like your keys, wallet, dog…kids. You know, those things that always seem to evade you when you’re in a rush to get out the door and get on with the day.

I reviewed the “Tile” here on MobileCanuck and was impressed with its functionality

Read: “Tile” helps you find the things when you need them the most.

My biggest gripe with the original Tile was its size. Not its height and width, but its thickness of 5.3mm. When on my keys, bag or my kids (kidding, almost I never lose my kids) that size is not an issue, but putting in my wallet was not a desirable use of the device. I compared it to another popular tracking device, the TrackR, which is exceptionally thin and appeared to have greater versatility as a result.

Now, Tile has released a new version of the Tile called Tile Slim which is 2.4mm thin (about the thickness of two credit cards). 

The Slim packs all the same features of the original (minus the key ring hole) and also adds a few, such as custom ring tones and optional adhesive strips to attach it to your laptop or tablet. The adhesives are priced at $5 USD for a 3 pack.

The Tile Slim is currently available on Tile’s website for $30 USD each, or $100 USD for a pack of 4.

Check out the Tile Slim.


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