Must Have: Anker PowerHouse

Camping season is winding down as Labour Day approaches I am starting to revisit my checklist of the items that we bring along with each camping or cottage trip. As I review this list and prepare for the final one or two outings I evaluate what is on the list, remove some of the unnecessary items, and more importantly, I look at what should be on the list for next year.

Heading into next year I think my list is in pretty good shape having added a trouble light and a short length of hose to use at campsites that have dedicated water. However, I think I have found another must have. Meet the “PowerHouse” from the ever popular battery maker, Anker. 

Not too long ago I reviewed the Anker PowerCore+ 20100 portable USB-C/A power pack. It actually was the first review I posted here on Mobile Canuck. I am big fan of Anker and have amassed a small collection of their devices over the last year or so.

So what is the Anker PowerHouse?

It is a 400wh/120,000mAh portable battery containing the following ports:

  • 12V “cigarette” lighter car socket
  • 4 x USB ports with Anker’s “PowerIQ” technology (more on that HERE)
  • Standard North American AC outlet

To put the size of the PowerHouse’s battery into perspective. The OnePlus 3, my current daily driver, has a 3,000mAh batter. Theoretically, one could charge a phone battery of that capacity 40 times. Actually, that is exactly what Anker tells you on the product page for the PowerHouse;

  • 40 phone recharges
  • 15 laptop recharges
  • 7+ hours of power for a “mini fridge”
  •  100+ hours of lighting from a 15V light

Unfortunately, due to power loss from batteries, cables, devices, etc. when charging from a source such as this, getting full use of the 120,000mAh battery will not be possible.

Recharging the PowerHouse is done through the AC outlet or through an optional solar charger

The build quality of the PowerHouse appears to be of a premium quality thanks to its aluminum casing and soft-touch handle. The PowerHouse also is shock-resistant and “impact-tested” which is important given the use of the device is for going “off-grid”. The last thing you want is to drop this while camping and be without power for the rest of your adventure. 

That premium build doesn’t mean an excessively large device however. The PowerHouse weighs in at 9.3 pounds and is 7.9×6.5×5.7 inches in size.

The price of the PowerHouse may be a factor that holds you back from purchasing. The listed price currently sits at $499.99 USD or $656.00 CAD(as of Sept 1, 2016). I have seen it as low as $399.99 and hope as time goes on it gets back to that or lower.

Also, for those like myself, outside the USA, the device is currently not available. An Anker rep told me last week that the PowerHouse is not currently available anywhere except for their own site and is limited to USA only at this time. will not stock and ship the device due to the size of the battery. He did however suggest that I email their support team and request shipment to Canada, as it may be possible in some cases. 

Check the Anker PowerHouse out HERE


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