Mpow Magneto Bluetooth Headphones Review

Recently Lenovo launched the Moto Z, sans headphone jack. Lenovo is the first major brand the release their flagship device with no 3.5mm headphone jack. If rumors in the Apple-sphere hold true, the next iPhone will also ditch the 3.5mm jack in favour of the the lightning port to drive wired audio connections. For a good read on that topic, check out Nilay Patel’s article on The Verge discussing how the removal of port is “hostile and stupid.” Its a good read!

With device makers heading down this inevitable road, whether you like it or not, looking for a solid pair of Bluetooth headphones is certainly something to consider going forward.

The Mpow Magnetos are one of several options but I think you will find that they are one of the most compelling for a number of reasons. More below the break.

You may not have heard of Mpow before, as they are a significantly smaller player compared to the likes of Jaybird, Beats, Plantronics, and other big name brands in this space. The most compelling thing about Mpow, as a brand, is their exceptionally low prices and surprising quality. Not just for Bluetooth ear buds either, but a vast array of different smartphone and PC accessories. 

What else do the Magnetos offer? Well as you may have guessed by their clever name, Magneto, magnets play a key role in their design and function. The outside parts of the ear pieces have small magnets on the inside which allow the the buds to stick together when not in use, be it around your neck or in your bag. Pretty useful right? Well it does not stop their. The magnets also will pause your audio playback when you connect them, as well as resume playback when they are pulled apart. It is a very simple feature, sure, but one that has proven very useful for me in my use of the product. This feature also works to answer calls.

Outside of this unique feature the overall design and build quality of the Magnetos are very appealing, including the inline remote for pause/call answer and volume +/- which I found to be very responsive. The inline microphone handled calls as well as I expected with no reported quality issues reported from the callers on the other end of the line. They also sport the following specs:

  • CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Battery time of up to 8 hours of talk/music time and up to 175 hours of standby time (your milage will vary, as did mine)
  • Apt-X technology for CD-like, high-quality sound performance

Inside the box you will find a USB micro to type A cable for charging, clips that can be optionally installed to provide addition stability and two different sized ear tips to ensure a proper fit. For most, the tips that are pre-installed, medium, will do just fine.

I picked up the Mpow Magnetos on Amazon for $35 CAD, check the link below for both CAD and USD pricing at Amazon.

MPOW Magneto at – HERE

MPOW Magneto at – HERE


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