‘Tile’ helps you find things when you need them the most!

If you are like me, you are constantly misplacing your keys or wallet at home. Despite several efforts to create a designated home for my keys and wallet when at home it just never works out. I set a bowl on the table near the garage door, quickly that bowl is full of other orphaned items leaving no room for the keys, so i set them at the next place I come across or simply forget to drop them there and will leave them on the bed side stand. 

Inevitably, when I am walking out the door to head to the gym, work, store or wherever I can never find my keys. This is not an exaggeration, it is just a fact. Countless times I have had to run around the house like a maniac looking for on of, or both of, my keys or wallet.

Then I discovered Tile and all that has changed.

What is Tile?

Tile is a small Bluetooth enabled block or “tile” and is about 1in x 1in in size. 

Tile, when paired with your phone via the Tile App allows you to locate your tile, therefore leading you to your misplaced item. 

From within the Tile app you will see your list of Tiles, as well as your phone (more on that later). By taping the item you are looking for, and then on the “Find” button and your Tile will start ringing to alert you of its location.

Another handy feature for some (not myself as my phone is permanently tethered to me) is the ability to ring your phone by pressing the “e” on the Tile itself. This, again providing the phone is i range, will ring your phone, until you tell the Tile app you have found your phone.  

You can also share your tile with a friend or family member which will allow them to also try and find your missing item.

So that is all that is great about the Tile. Are there any cons? There are a few.

The Tile battery is not replaceable. To some this may be an inconvenience. I personally would prefer a replaceable battery that I could swap out as needed and recycle the old one through the various recycling programs available in my area. However, not everyone prefers this and Tile makes sure it is easy for you to safely return your old Tile for recycled, keeping the depleted battery of the Tile out of a landfill. When the battery runs out, and you order via their reTile program, Tile sends a long a return envelope More info on that can be found here. https://www.thetileapp.com/reTile. 

The second concern I would attribute to the Tile is its size relative to another e-tag device with similar functions, the “TrackR“. When on your key ring or hidden away in your bag, the size of the Tile is not a concern. However, when placing the Tile in a wallet, it adds significant bulk to an already bulky personal item. This is a very minor concern however. 

Ultimately, I do think the Tile is a wonderful little accessory that will help you keep track of your personal items that seem to grow legs and wonder off, and I highly recommend checking it out. Keep in mind though, that they are disposable items and not perfect for every use case they offer.

Check the Tile out over on their site!


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